Reader submissions!

This is a place where wonderful people with perfect bodies, massive sex appeal and big houses get their Random Access related material posted! what? am i sucking up to you people? nawww....

ok, I am, but really, I'd be thrilled that you wanted to do somthing for little ol' me. : )

here's the first pic ever submitted! thank you so much Two Different Sox! it's Random, in his all-purpose sweat-suit lookin' cool and sportin' a name tag.... just incase you couldn't recognize him. don't see why he'd need that being a super celebrity and all ;)

A picture of Mars from the wonderfully modest (and critical ;) ) ToasterQueen! Hey, speaking of pointing out flaws, where is her tail?

just teasing Toasty, it looks wonderful.

Here is A scene depicting the typical RA reader... I'm sure. (what? you don't have big fuzzy bunnies running around your house?).

Snoopy is (c) Charles Schultz (or maybe someone else now...)

here is another beut by ToasterQueen. Why its sami... being stupid as usual.

FireBreath has an inside look into Mars' medicine cabinet. Don't worry though, Charlton Heston ISN'T her president...

Dennis Miller is. ; )

A great picture by Two Different Sox of Mars' brother, who I'm sure is watching over her always.

TDSox's colored version of my bikeeni 2001 picture. A most excellent coloring job that rivals some of the best color work I've seen out there.

strangly missing from the picture is the big ol' midriff showing hole in Mars' suit. I guess TDS is just to modest to show that. ;)

Percival Brock sent in this pic showing how much of a mean mistreater Random is to Sami. A "physical representation of the pain your thickness causes me".

you want to submit somthing?

just send it on over to or post it in the forum and mention that you want it upped. I'll take anything relating to Random Access, art, stories, crossovers, whatever! please i'm desperate!!! *sob* .....

Sorry.... whu?