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Other web comics you absolutely need in your life!

a wonderful comic about animals *cough* in college *cough* and the ensuing hijinx..... sounds alot like my comic. yeah, so what? I steal from everyone!!! hahahahahaha..... sorry.

just go here, its the best webcomic ever!

Ok, Ok, maybe THIS is the best webcomic ever.... i just can't tell.

more animals, only this time they are in an appartment building. funny.

Sabrina-Online YEEEEESSS! who doesn't like animals(seeing a pattern?) who use amigas and work at a porn studio! It's really cute and has lotsa sex! no, really, it's genuinely funny!
A Doemain of Our Own

Deer in the spot light/Every body freeze!/you'd betta' watch your back/or start prayin' on yo' knees!

sorry, i like writing gangsta rap lyrics, what can i say? it's a (everybody say it with me) "comic about animals that is really really funny" only this one stars deer.

Cigarro & Cerveja Cigarette & Beer, i believe is the translation. and no, this isn't a spanish comic. its a really funny, extreemly well drawn comic. oh yeah, did i mention it's got animals? no? well it does.
The only comic that DOESN'T feature animals (although its got a psycho bunny) it's just totally wierd and funny, and its perfect if you're a techno/nerd/geek or just a cool person ; )
Dramatic Paws a little web comic that's funny, and has animals. sounds like mine! I really like it so you should too! seraph needs more readers so go there and enjoy!

Non comic websites you will die horribly of dehydration if you don't look at them!


My VCL account This one's got all my art i've uploaded to it! I'm going to keep updating it, so check back frequently if you want more of my art stuff.
Yerf Yerf is the absolute best place to get your daily fix for Furry art! its exclusive so you won't have to sift through piles of crappily drawn stuff or yiff! I may try AGAIN to get an account, but for now the VCL is just fine for me.
Furbid Wanna help support me and other furry artists? just want some furry art? go here and bid on all sortsa stuff! from PG rated to Yiff rated, they got it all! i've sold one thing there so far, but with you peoples help i could sell lots of stuff!

OH....MY.....GOD!! want to see somthing that will make you lose your will to draw? or if you don't draw, somthing that will just blow your sox off? well it did both to me (i'm still looking for my socks, and luckily my will to draw came back the next day). Jen Seng is the BEST cartoonist i've ever seen, period.

and she's Crazee (c) Jen Seng : P

want YOUR website here? if you DO! you gotta make somthing cool funny or otherwise give me a reason to go to it over and over! this isn't an advertizement, its just a funny thing i put at the end of the list cause i couldn't think of any other pages i visit!
What? you're still here? Why aren't you visiting these other sites? they are too cool to not be gone to! Be GONE!!!