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May 2nd-

Nope, I'm not dead. I just was working hard making this comic (and this current plotline/rant/bashing) the best I have to offer, thus you have a 700k (!) comic for your eyes. Wait for it, it's worth the bandwidth.

Hey! I havn't recieved much fan art lately, anyone got some lying about? please, GIMME IT!!!

Oh yeah, T-shirts. Not that you'd want one or anything, but, thanks to my procrastinating the shirts will now be available (soon) in "baseball jersey" style and I like 'em so much I'M gonna buy one. they, of course, will also be in every other style cafe press has.

March 26th-

Hey folks got a new picture up in the readers

submission page, go check it out! also, thanks to percival brock for suggesting a characters page. it's here and it's gooooood eatin'.

and hey, no disses to the good sprite based comics.


if you wish to contact me, Walker Dunnington, please feel free to email me at, I will read all email and respond to most if i can. so, suggestions, praise, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, fanart, and whatever goes there.

oh yeah, almost forgot.Random, Sami, Mars, Tea Vee, Chad, and Random Access (the comic, not the memory access method) is (c) 2001 me, Walker Dunnington. don't steal this stuff people! thats not cool! also i'd have to do evil things to you! if you want to use images from my site, tell me and i'll ok it, and don't forget to credit me.

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