Random is the Raccoon for which the comic is named after. He's about as good a person as they come. He's smart, witty, funny, and can be sarcastic to Sami sometimes, but he never means any harm. Because of his very analytical and technical thinking he can sometimes miss the little joys in life, hanging out with Sami usually cures him this problem whether he wants it or not. He is currently maintaining an unknown (but apparently sufficient) job, having recently graduated high school.

Species: Raccoon

Age: 18

Sami the Cat is the wacky, fun-lovin', FUBU wearin' town idiot. He usually goes with his gut feeling on everything, even if it is obviously the wrong decision, thus rendering him stupid in the eyes of people who don't know him well. But he shows flashes of great intelligence that belies his true nature. His only real fault is being a victim to pop culture, his yellow puffy FUBU jacket the visual cross he has to bear for it. Currently attending (and failing) college merely for the income his upper-middle class parents will shovel at him because he's getting an "education".

Species: Housecat

Age: 18

Marsha, A.K.A. Mars. Her name is no accident as she is as tough as any man (or god) and constantly strives to prove it. Having an outcast childhood has left her quite capable of fending for herself, both mentally and physically. Her brother died when she was young, but left her with a great appreciation for life and martial disipline. While she seems caustic on the outside, she knows how to have a good time. Her guilty pleasure? why Dance Dance Revolution of course! She is finishing up her third year of college and has no clue as to what the future holds for her.

Species: Mouse

Age: 21